Water vole fencing available in a variety of materials

What is water vole fencing used for?

It is used to exclude or contain water voles within a particular area. This may be required where a road crossing or culvert is to be constructed, or when reintroducing the species at a new site.

Contract Ecology Ltd offer water vole fencing in a choice of materials including traditional 25mm marine plywood or our 100% recyclable anti climb 6mm HDPE solid sheet panels.

  • Wooden Water Vole Fencing: A traditional material, which has long been used for the exclusion and containment of water voles. A popular choice for long term exclusion projects. 25mm thick marine grade exterior ply sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.
  • HDPE Water Vole Fencing: Similar material to our permanent amphibian and reptile fencing, modified during manufacture to offer increased resistance and height making it suitable for water vole exclusion. Made from 6mm HDPE and fully recyclable. Specially treated against long term UV decomposition and UV guaranteed for 5 years.
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