Woodland Management

A well managed woodland can bring a wealth of benefits to both wildlife and the public. Contract Ecology Ltd is an experienced countryside contractor not just with habitat creation but also with undertaking traditional woodland management practices including tree surgery, tree felling, thinning and coppicing.

A diverse woodland requires a diverse structure. Contract Ecology Ltd can undertake scrub control, invasive plant control and tree planting to ensure continuity of conservation and amenity value.

Our tree services are not limited to woodlands however, if you require tree or hedgerow planting on your site whether for amenity value or as part of an ecological mitigation scheme or habitat management plan get in touch with one of our friendly team now on 01772 731404 to get a quote.

•  Woodland Creation, Thinning and Management
•  Hedgerow Planting and Restocking
•  Scrub and Tree Removal