Grassland Management

Even the most natural looking meadow landscape requires sensitive nurturing to produce the best sward. Key to biodiversity, habitat for invertebrates and small mammals, a hunting ground for barn owls, a home to rare flora and not to mention the aesthetic and health benefits as an open green space.

We can transform a rank grassland into a thriving wildflower meadow from initial treatment of existing vegetation, ploughing, preparation of the seed bed and seed broadcast by machine or hand dependant on the complexity of your site.

Need it faster? Contract Ecology Ltd can install wildflower turf to help speed up the establishment of habitat creation for mitigation schemes.

Contract Ecology Ltd have many years’ experience of flora translocation and have access to a range of specially designed plant and machinery to undertake small and large scale turf translocation. No matter how small your project Contract Ecology can translocate even single species such as orchids and replant at your chosen receptor site.

•  Wildflower Meadow Creation
•  Wildflower Harvesting
•  Grass Cutting
•  Wildflower Turf
•  Grassland Translocation
•  Orchid Translocation

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