Pond Management & Creation

The term habitat creation and management includes a variety of services that need to be carried out carefully and professionally. Contract Ecology Ltd can implement your pond design and construct new ponds and well as providing a full range of pond management services such as aquatic and marginal planting, de-silting and vegetation and litter removal.

We work with many ecologists to drain down waterbodies to ensure that no great crested newts, toads or frogs remain in the last stages of many great crested newt mitigation schemes. Ensuring that the ecologist can capture and translocate as many individual animals as possible.

Ponds need management like any other habitat if they are to preform fully as part of a wider ecosystem service. Management of ponds in some cases must be implemented under EPS licence. Our consultants can work with you or your ecologist to secure this consent. Pond desilting works usually take place during the winter months to minimise disturbance to the pond ecosystem.

•  Pond Creation
•  Pond De-silting
•  Pond Draining
•  Aquatic Planting Schemes

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