Professional reptile fencing services for controlling lizards, snakes and other animals

Reptile fencing is a term given to a barrier which may be used when wanting to exclude, contain or redirect reptiles from a particular area i.e. a construction site or road crossing.

Reptile fencing is typically it is referred to by the specific animal name such as snake fencing, adder fencing, slow worm fencing and lizard fencing. Contract Ecology Ltd offer reptile barriers suitable for all of the above-mentioned species, with a choice of lifespan dependant on the duration you wish to exclude the animal for and height of barrier dependent on the species you are excluding.

For material choices please see amphibian fencing

Common lizard mitigation

Our reptile exclusion fencing is manufactured to offer a deliberately taller barrier than our standard amphibian barrier membrane options. This is to ensure that it is suitable for all UK herpetofauna species.

All our reptile exclusion fencing is manufactured here in the UK.

Reptile Fencing Options:

Temporary Reptile Exclusion Fencing

  • 1000 gauge barrier membrane made from clear polythene
  • UV treated to last 2 years
  • Pre-installed height of 1200mm
  • Suitable for use on all UK herpetofauna mitigation schemes; slow worm, common lizard, sand lizard and all snake species

1mm Semi-Permanent Reptile Fencing

  • 1mm solid panel exclusion fencing is made in the UK from recycled (re-granulated) HDPE.
  • It is stabilised against UV degradation
  • A solid barrier measuring 1200mm tall
  • Pre-scored with a 50mm 90 degree top curl
  • Pre-scored with a 100mm bottom baffle
  • Suitable for use on all UK herpetofauna mitigation schemes; slow worm, common lizard, sand lizard and all snake species

semi permanent reptile fencing

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3mm Permanent Reptile Fencing

  • 3mm solid panel exclusion fencing is made in the UK from recycled (re-granulated) HDPE.
  • It is stabilised against UV degradation.
  • Two height options are available: 850mm x 2400mm and 1000mm x 2400mm.
  • These solid panels can be self-supporting or where ground conditions require, can be braced using timber or plastic lumber posts.

Artificial refugia: To boost the capture efficiency of your reptile translocation scheme, Contract Ecology Ltd can supply and install artificial refugia. Options include bitumen felt, tin, carpet tiles and bitumen onduline. These can be cut to measure based on your requirements.


ectra tall reptile fencing

Exclusion Fencing Terminology:

Like amphibian fencing, reptile fencing is also often called by many different names: snake fencing, slow worm fencing, lizard fencing and adder fencing. This is simply for ease of reference when the mitigation involves that particular species. So, for example, a slow worm mitigation will require slow worm fencing. The installation technique and barrier choices remain largely the same.

Snake fencing* We recommend that your snake fencing is at least 1200mm tall for optimal exclusion or containment.

ecologist holding two slow worms

How does exclusion fencing work?

We’ll install exclusion fencing around the perimeter of your construction zone. Ring fencing the working area like this, will stop any further herpetofauna getting into your site. If the site is large, we will spilt it into smaller compartments using drift fencing. Artificial refugia is placed at the interface of basking sites and suitable habitat cover. These are areas which are most likely to encounter reptiles. Reptiles are attracted to the refugia to bask. The ecologist will carefully capture and then translocate the reptiles to a receptor site away from the development site.

Correct installation is critical. We install all our reptile fencing in accordance with the CIRIA Wildlife Fencing Design Guide.

Slow worm fencing along site boudnary

Please note: We do not typically offer our Geo TAF geotextile fencing membrane for common lizard or sand lizard mitigation schemes. The reason for this is, common lizard and sand lizard are both excellent climbers. So, the geotextiles HDPE woven threads are easily scaled by these species. It may still be used as slow worm fencing and in some instances snake fencing. However larger snakes such as adders may ascent the fencing due to the lower installation height.

We are happy to discuss options with you. Geo TAF offers the best value of all our fencing barriers and if your site is particularly exposed, this may still be a worthy contender for your reptile exclusion fencing choice.

We offer maintenance and repair of reptile fencing. Get in touch for more details.

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