Badger surveys and advice on badger mitigation options

Our ecologists are vastly experienced in mammal surveys including bats, water vole, otter and badger surveys.

Badger Licensing

We are also one of a small number of Lancashire based ecological consultancies to hold licenses for badger disturbance in relation to development sites including licensed badger sett closure.

Badger Survey Methodology

badger sett hole entrance

No matter how confined or substantial your development plot may be our ecologists can conduct a badger survey at your site and provide professional advice in relation to badger mitigation options suitable for your build.

We operate an emergency call out service if badgers are believed to be causing damage to property or undermining infrastructure.

Our specialists will visit your site and utilise a number of recognised UK survey methodologies to establish species presence. With our knowledge and experience in this field we can very quickly establish if badgers utilise your site. Traditional badger presence/absence surveys can be easily supplemented with camera trap surveys to cater for quicker processing of survey reports.

Badger Mitigation Services

Apart from badger surveys, we also offer various additional services. Our habitats team are on hand to install badger fencing, badger gates and create a new artificial badger sett if your scheme requires it.

Contract Ecology Ltd are experts in providing ecological survey and ecological mitigation services uniquely offering a one stop solution for dealing with badgers on your site.

how can we help you?

We want to help our clients achieve success with their projects. We believe a successful project is one which strikes the right balance between profitable development and biodiversity gain.

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