Wetland Management & Creation

Contract Ecology Ltd are highly experienced in wetland management including the creation and cutting of reed beds and installing aquatic planting schemes to minimise erosion as well as providing riparian habitat. Whether it’s a new pond for great crested newts or new ditch system for water voles our habitat creation and management team can help. Keeping river and ditch systems healthy is vital if they are to perform well as an ecosystem.

Contract Ecology Ltd can also undertake riparian habitat and wetland vegetation translocation. A newly created ditch or river system can in many cases establish quicker by translocating existing bankside vegetation and marshy grassland to the new site. This is particularly useful in water vole mitigations and water vole translocation schemes.

• Reed Bed Management
• Ditch Creation and Realignment
• Headwall Clearance
• Wetland Planting Schemes
• Installation of Pre-Planted Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets
• Erosion Control

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