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Contract Ecology Ltd has gained a trusted reputation for being a leading installer of wildlife exclusion fencing including badger fencing, newt fencing, reptile fencing and water vole fencing; this is a service we provide on a UK wide basis.

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Wildlife fencing

Wildlife fencing is available in many material choices and stock grades but all invariably serve the purpose of either excluding animals out of a working area or construction zone, containing animals typically within a receptor site or nature reserve or guiding animals towards a certain feature for their usage such as a badger gate or otter underpass.

We are committed to installing our wildlife fencing with as little environmental impact as possible. We have invested in our own specialist low impact plant and machinery to work on the most sensitive of wildlife sites making us truly unique in our industry.

All our newt fencing and reptile fencing membranes are custom made here in the UK to our own specification, treated to prevent UV deterioration for longevity and are guaranteed to meet Natural England Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines.

Wildlife fencing is often installed as part of a wider protected species mitigation scheme sometimes under licence. Our experienced habitat management contractors can help fulfil these obligations and get your development moving.

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Whatever your requirements, Contract Ecology Ltd are highly experienced installers of wildlife fencing and related animal trapping apparatus and we operate this service across the UK including the installation of smooth newt fencing in Northern Ireland.
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  • We guarantee the UV life lifespan of all of our wildlife exclusion fencing systems.
  • We pride ourselves on tailored solutions for all species, all sites, and all customers.
  • We stock an extensive range of exclusion materials suitable for all budgets.
  • Our products and support are available as a fully UK wide service.
  • Our team are all highly experienced in the field of ecology.
  • Plus, we offer obligation free fence condition audits
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We want to help our clients achieve success with their projects. We believe a successful project is one which strikes the right balance between profitable development and biodiversity gain.

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