Ecological Surveys – meeting BREEAM criteria

What makes our ecology services special

As a professional ecological consultancy we are at the forefront of adopting the most up to date ecological survey techniques available, bringing you more precise survey findings, clearer advice and financial savings.

Experienced licensed ecologists

ecologist conducting ecological survey

Our consultants will ensure that your ecological survey is completed in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) recommended survey standards and protocol.

Our ecologists hold all necessary licenses to conduct your bat survey, barn owl survey, badger survey, great crested newt survey and ecology reports for securing planning permission. We meet all set criteria to perform suitably qualified ecologist duties for you and your BREEAM and credit based ecology assessments. We can undertake ecological surveys from phase 1 habitat survey and preliminary ecological appraisal to full annual multi species monitoring.

We offer an abundance of protected species surveys and ecological advice for the conservation of an array of frequently encountered plants and animals. Habitat management plans and precautionary works method statements can be drawn up for use in a variety of land use settings not only at development sites but also private residences, schools, quarries, local nature reserves and anywhere a landowner wishes to have a clearly defined set of objectives for safeguarding biodiversity and protected species.

If you need an ecological survey from a professional consultant that can deliver, we have a 100% success rate in obtaining European Protected Species licenses on behalf of our clients, where mitigation under licence is required to progress their development.

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We want to help our clients achieve success with their projects. We believe a successful project is one which strikes the right balance between profitable development and biodiversity gain.

Ecological Site Services

CIRIA tool box talk
Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)
Ecological site supervision
European protected species licensing
Habitat management plans
Post activity monitoring
Protected species method statements
Precautionary works method statements

Protected Species Survey

Amphibian Survey and Mitigation

• Amphibian fencing
• Common toad survey
• Great crested newt survey
• Great crested newt eDNA survey
• Great crested newt exclusion fencing
• Habitat Suitability Index survey
• Hibernacula design and construction
• Natterjack toad survey

Bird Survey and Mitigation

• Barn owl survey
• Barn owl box design and construction
• Breeding bird survey
• Kingfisher survey
• Nesting bird checks
• Peregrine falcon survey
• Wintering bird survey

Habitat Survey

• Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
• Extended phase 1 habitat survey
• Hedgerow survey
• Invasive species survey
• National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey
• Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)

Invasive Species Survey and Control

• Bracken
• Giant hogweed
• Himalayan balsam
• Japanese knotweed
• Rhododendron

Mammal Survey and Mitigation

• Badger survey
• Badger sett closure
• Artificial badger sett design
• Badger fencing
• Bat survey
• Bat aerial roost inspection
• Bat supervised roof strip
• Brown hare survey
• Camera trap survey
• Otter survey
• Red squirrel survey
• Water vole survey
• Water vole high strim and low strim
• Water vole fencing

Reptile Survey and Mitigation

• Adder survey
• Common lizard survey
• Grass snake survey
• Hibernacula design and construction
• Reptile exclusion fencing
• Sand lizard survey
• Slow worm survey
• Smooth snake survey

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