Planting Services

Tree and hedge planting

Contract Ecology Ltd are always happy to carry out hedgerow and tree planting requests. Whether for the purposes of biodiversity enhancement, woodland management or creating appealing public spaces.

Native hedgerow planting


  • Zero Plastic – We use biodegradable tree guards for absolute environmental best practice
  • We select our tree stocks from only the best UK based growers of native plant species
  • We own and operate a tracked skid steer with auger for planting of larger tree specimens

Our expertise doesn’t just end at tree planting! We are happy to provide tree planting aftercare. Please get in touch to discuss short and long term management for tree planting. We also offer feeding, weeding, mulching, pruning and fencing. You can read more about these services in our woodland management section.

Woodland creation


We can supply and underplant native shrubs and tree saplings to revitalise existing woodlands, copses and mature planted areas. Underplanting is useful for delivering biodiversity gain on sites where existing fringe planting is present. Ground flora can also be supplemented with bulbs and plug planting with native wildflowers and grasses.

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Plug Plants and Bulbs

We source all our plug plants and bulbs direct, from dedicated UK growers. This is paramount for our quality assurance and ensures the best results for successful establishment of your planting schedule. Click here for more on our aquatic and wildflower planting services.

Wildflower bulbs

Traditional Orchard Planting

Traditional orchards are a Priority Habitat. Defined specifically as “groups of fruit and nut trees planted on vigorous rootstocks at low densities in permanent grassland; and managed in a low intensity way”.

We support the conservation of heritage varieties by sourcing our stock from dedicated specialist heritage fruit tree growers.

orchard tree planting

Once we have sourced and planted your new orchard, we recommend that a record of the planting arrangement be undertaken, mapping where each variety has been planted. We can do this for you. This is important, as some varieties really are rare! With our clients permission, we will supply a copy of the planting plan back to the tree supplier. The key to heritage species survival may one day come down to being able to secure seed stock from your new orchard. Your orchard really can create a lasting legacy.

how can we help you?

We want to help our clients achieve success with their projects. We believe a successful project is one which strikes the right balance between profitable development and biodiversity gain.

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