Comprehensive bat surveys from licensed professionals

Bat surveys are one of our most frequently requested ecological surveys required for submission with your planning application. Our licensed bat surveyors have extensive knowledge, skills and practical know how to guide you through the bat survey process.

Why do I need a bat survey?

bat in gloved hand being fed in captivity

If your local planning authority, architect or planning agent have requested a bat survey it is because they consider the likelihood of bats being present and affected by the development proposal as reasonable. Bats and their resting places (bat roosts) are protected by law. It’s an offence to intentionally injure, kill or even disturb a bat or to disturb or destroy a bat roost. Our expert ecologists can help you put forward a strategy that can safe guard you and get your development through planning.

Bat surveys are typically undertaken as a two stage process:

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal for Bats

  • bats tucked up inside bat boxFirstly our experienced ecological consultants will undertake a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal for Bats at your site. This type of survey is also frequently referred to as a bat scoping survey, phase 1 bat survey, daytime bat inspection survey or simply a bat assessment.
  • This entry level survey can be carried out at any time of year and is conducted during daylight hours. Our ecologists will assess any built structures, trees and landscape features onsite for bat roosting and foraging potential or dependent on the time of year actual evidence of bat occupation may be visible.

Emergence and Re-entry Surveys

  • If habitat suitability is confirmed or evidence of bat presence has been identified during the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal for Bats our ecological consultants will arrange to revisit your site to conduct a bat emergence survey, otherwise frequently referred to as a bat dusk and dawn survey or phase 2 bat survey.
  • This survey will be conducted at dusk and dawn during the months May to September. Our ecologists will observe bat behaviour in and around your development area and identify any bat emergence or re-entry at roost locations, plus identify which species of bat(s) are present and the number.

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What happens next?

Contract Ecology Ltd will provide a report with the results and any recommendations from the surveys. The cost of the report is included within the survey. This report will inform the level and type of mitigation that may be required.   Contract Ecology Ltd will endeavour to design an ecological solution which negates the need for obtaining a European Protected Species Licence if the scope of your development proposals allow.

Bat mitigation

ecologist undertaking a bat survey at dusk

Bat mitigation options will depend largely on what you propose to do with the feature the bats are currently using. Full demolition of a structure used by bats will need a European Protected Species licence or EPS licence to permit the destruction of the bat roost.  Another bat mitigation option is the modification of a roost typically through reroofing or building an extension to a property can in some instances avoid the need for an EPS licence if suitable precautionary working measures can be implemented. This may involve co-ordinating the timing of your construction works so to avoid the period in which the bats are in residence, installing temporary or replacement bat roosting habitat through the installation of a bat box or commissioning one of our licenced bat ecologists to attend your site to conduct a supervised roof strip under Ecological Clerk of Works duties (ECoW).

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