How to Grow Foxgloves

Hi and welcome to our newest feature’ our species spotlight. Our spotlight this month is on the easily identifiable foxglove wildflower (Digitalis purpurea) and how to grow it.

This iconic British wildflower is often seen in hedgerows, wooded glades, road verges and other lightly shaded habitats.

Its easily grown from seed and so we can include foxgloves into many habitat enhancement plans, as a single species or wildflower seed mix. Our experienced team can undertake seedbed prep using our tracked heavy duty rotovator.  Which is great for breaking up heavy compacted ground or large areas with ease.  Breaking it down into a fine tilth ready for sowing your chosen seed mix.

The plant is a biennial, growing just leaves in its first year and then bursting into masses of bell shaped flowers on a tall spire in the second year.

We can also include this as an already established plant which is great for underplanting existing hedges and woodlands. Fox glove is available as plug plants from our UK suppliers. So if you are looking to diversify a woodland or shaded parkland, then this is a great option.  Along with bluebells and wild garlic for example.

We should point out that all parts of the fox glove plant are poisonous. But it is a really valuable plant for pollinators, with its long nectar rich flowers particularly attracting the common carder bee.

Foxglove is a great looking wildflower and planted in clumps will form a real spectacle, reaching heights of up to 6 foot!

If you need a consultant to advise on how to add diversity to your site, or need a contractor with just the right low impact machinery for sensitive habitats then drop us a message to, or call 01772 731404.