Bird Mitigation

We can assist you in mitigating any negative effects to protected species including birds. Options for avoiding, reducing and managing potential impacts upon birds tend to focus on the following objectives:

  • Removal of nest cover pre nesting season
  • Deterrent measures for ground nesting birds
  • Site screening to minimize disturbance for over wintering birds
  • Compensation for loss of bird foraging habitat
  • Compensation for loss of nest sites (especially schedule 1 species)
  • Scape and pond creation for waders and wildfowl

We are highly experienced in vegetation clearance particularly on sites with sensitive ecological features. We can advise what methodology and machinery is best for your site, taking into account optimal bird nesting areas and other potential ecological constraints such as reptiles or invasive species.

Bird scarer hawk kite

Contract Ecology Ltd have performed bird mitigation for one of the UK’s most sensitive sites, which included the installation of bird screening along the banks of the Mersey Estuary which is designated as a RAMSAR, SSSI, SPA and SAC. We also created new bird habitats for this scheme, with a large shallow waterbody designed to attract waders, deliberately under-seeded with a wetland mix to the margins to encourage an open habitat mosaic.

We can also install bird netting and bird scarers such as hawk kites, flash tape and buzz tape as deterrent measures.

Please note current best practice advice; “bird netting should only be used in circumstances where planning permission has already been granted, and only where there are unlikely to be any risks to other protected species”. “Netting should not be used without advice from a competent ecologist” (CIEEM, 2019).

Contract Ecology’s in-house CIEEM registered Ecologists can conduct an assessment in relation to the use of netting at your site. We can also provide monitoring of netting when in use and issue condition reports for your records.

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Nest box Installation

One of our most requested services in relation to birds is nest box installation. Particularly barn owl nest boxes. These can be supplied for internal or external use. For external barn owl nest boxes, we can install these on existing site features such as trees, or if preferred we can erect them as a pole mounted nest box.

Our team members hold barn owl licences from Natural England. We are happy to advise on the best option for barn owl nest boxes for your scheme. Including box type, positioning and maintenance options.

For habitat creation options that will boost bird nesting opportunity

barn owl boxes pole mounted

Timing is critical!
Nesting bird season is generally advised to be between March and August ( So, it’s best to remove habitat before nesting season begins. This is a short window of opportunity, so book our skilled operatives in early!

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