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Our Habitat Services

Habitat Management, Habitat Creation and Habitat Restoration

Here’s how Contract Ecology really differs from other ecological consultancies:

Not only can we help to secure you planning permission through our rigorous survey and reporting standards, we can implement all the compensation measures recommended to secure your planning consent in the first place, even under European Protected Species licence conditions.

We would never recommend a mitigation strategy for our clients that we know cannot be achieved, that’s why all our consultants have undertaken further practical training and certification in landscape and land management practices.

Our ecology and arb consultants combine forces to provide a highly skilled and knowledgeable wildlife mitigation contractor service. We work with a wide range of clients & ecologists throughout the UK on habitat creation and mitigation projects to suit their site requirements.

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We want to help our clients achieve success with their projects. We believe a successful project is one which strikes the right balance between profitable development and biodiversity gain.

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Ecological Mitigation

Contract Ecology Ltd are both ecological consultants and ecological contractors and can therefore offer a full range of habitat services including wildlife mitigation advisory services to our clients at every stage of their project. We have first-hand experience in EPS licensing and mitigation design so we are uniquely accomplished to work closely with your own ecologist or if required you can commission us direct to fulfil all your ecological needs.

•  Bird Screening and Netting
•  Wildlife Mitigation
•  Bat Box Installation
•  Barn Owl Box Installation
•  Hibernacula Construction
•  Artificial Badger Sett Construction
•  Badger Sett Closures
•  Water Vole Displacement

Site clearance

Contract Ecology Ltd has over 16 years of experience in site vegetation clearance whether in preparation for future development or deliberate manipulation of habitats to encourage species movement.

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