It’s Time to Sow Spring Wildflower Seed Mixes

Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to start sowing wildflower seeds. What mix should you choose?

Contract Ecology Ltd have multiple bookings for the spring wildflower seed sowing season but there’s still time to get us on board to help create your new wildflower meadow.

We help clients from all backgrounds, from homeowners to public bodies create wildflower-rich areas perfect for both people and pollinators to enjoy.

Wildflower seeds come in many mixes, from single species such as yellow rattle which is useful for breaking up the soil at the root zone, helping future wildflower seed sowings, or colour-rich cornfield mixes.

Wildflower seed mixes are usually formulated to provide an abundant food source for pollinators as well as a colourful array of blooms pleasing to the eye.

The most colourful mixes typically consist solely of wildflowers with no grasses present.  These give strong summer-long blooms with a striking display.

Cornfield mixes contain species such as cornflower, poppy and marigold.  This mix is bright and bold with large splashes of blues, reds and yellows. However, it’s a one-year-only display! And so will need reseeding the following year to produce the same display.  For this reason, most people use this mix to add colourful strips to an existing grassland area or border.  We can create this with ease using our heavy-duty rotavator, which produces clean-edged prepped beds in a matter of minutes, with little fuss.

So if you want an experienced contractor to come and create the wildflower meadow of your dreams, whether in a residential setting or landscape-scale habitat creation, please do get in touch with us.

We would love to hear from you and there’s still plenty of time left this season to get your wildflower seed sowing completed.