Basic Ecology Survey for Planning Applications

If you need an ecology survey for planning applications then we recommend that you begin with a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA). This is also commonly referred to as an ecological walkover survey, ecological scoping survey or phase 1 survey.

Preliminary ecology surveys are used to gather information on existing site conditions as well as scope for the likely species and habitats that may be present at your site. They are effectively a due diligence exercise in relation to the likely constraints and impacts associated with your scheme and any potential protected species or protected habitats. Your Local Planning authority will require this information to be presented as part of your submitted planning applications.

The Process

reedbed clearance and cutting in autumn

Our ecological consultants will start your preliminary ecological appraisal by organising a desktop data search from the local records centre relevant to your area to ascertain if there are any historic records of species on or near your site. We will then visit your site to determine if there is any requirement to conduct further detailed surveys to establish species presence and numbers. We will record and map our findings in accordance with Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey methodology.

At this stage of ecology survey and reporting we will identify any potential constraints to your proposed development scheme and provide initial recommendations for mitigation. Our recommendations at this stage will be quite rudimentary if the need for further surveys has been identified.

Our consultants will prepare detailed mitigation and advice once we have completed our specified extended surveys. This secondary level of reporting is termed an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA).

It may be that your planning officer has requested that you provide an ecology survey after you have submitted your application. If this is the case then you will need to act fast so not to have your application refused or requested to withdraw. Contact one of our ecology team now to see how we can help get your application back on track.

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