Arboriculture services – impact assessment, method statement and more

We have continually extended the scope of our consultancy provision since 2006 to meet client demand and now offer a comprehensive package of arboricultural consultancy and tree survey services for planning and development purposes.

All our tree surveys are completed in accordance with British Standard 5837:2012 ‘Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition & Construction – Recommendations’.

So whether you need an arboricultural impact assessment in support of a planning application or an arboricultural method statement to help discharge a planning condition, our experienced consultants can help.

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We also offer aerial bat roost inspections and advanced surveying with tree decay detection equipment and tree root analysis for detailed advice.

BS5837 Tree Survey

Tree surveys are normally required to accompany a planning application if there are trees on or immediately adjacent to your proposed development site. It is considered to be the first stage of survey effort required by the Local Planning Authority in assessing the value of any trees identified for retention onsite.

Planning officers will expect to find this initial tree survey to be supported by an Arboricultural Impact Assessment and an Arboricultural Method Statement if there are trees to be retained onsite.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

An arboricultural impact assessment follows up on the findings of the initial tree survey and provides information on the impact of the development on the retained trees and any mitigation required.

Arboricultural Method Statement

The arboricultural method statement describes the methodology of any special procedures required when working near trees during your development works and will outline measures such as tree protection fencing and working within a tree protection zone to get your development moving.

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Tree Hazard Surveys

A tree hazard survey will assess the potential risk of damage to people or property from tree or branch failure. This type of survey can be carried out on a single tree, group of trees or across the whole site if required and will show that you as a landowner have demonstrated a ‘Duty of Care’.  An inventory of the tree stock is provided within the report and any management recommendations will be detailed in order to maintain those trees in a healthy condition.  If required our tree surgeons are also qualified to carry out aerial tree inspections.

Tree Preservation Orders

If you are planning to undertake works to a tree which is subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) or located in a conservation area, Contract Ecology Ltd can provide professional advice and if required prepare all relevant documentation to support your application for tree works to the Local Planning Authority.

Arboricultural Site Supervision

Contract Ecology Ltd qualified arborists can undertake onsite services such as monitoring of arboricultural issues on construction sites. This service can mitigate any tree problems that may arise and provide the client with a useful liaison with the local planning authority or Council Arboricultural Officer.

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We want to help our clients achieve success with their projects. We believe a successful project is one which strikes the right balance between profitable development and biodiversity gain.

We also offer

We also offer

  • Tree Constraints Plans
  • Tree Protection Plan
  • Tree Condition Report for Insurance Purposes
  • Tree Mortgage Reports
  • Woodland Survey
  • Decay Detection Assessments
  • Root Analysis
  • Aerial Bat Roost Inspections

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