Hawley Gardens Residential DevelopmentCreating Homes and Habitats for All

Project: Hawley Gardens Residential Development

Client: Barratt Homes & David Wilson Homes

Services: Reptile Fencing, Wildflower Seeding, Reed Bed Cutting, Ditch Creation, Hibernacula Construction

Sector: Residential Development

Location: Thornton Cleveleys, UK

Scheme Overview:

Contract Ecology Ltd was commissioned by Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes collectively to implement their habitat management plan at their Hawley Gardens residential development in Thornton, Lancashire having been recommended by their Ecological Consultants.

The development consists of 267 new homes with the sites focal point being an impressive wildlife pond. From here an extensive water vole friendly ditch and reed bed network emanates and intertwines between the properties with the Wyre Estuary and beaches of the Fylde coast close by which are designated as a RAMSAR, SSSI, SPA and Marine Conservation Zone.

Scope of Works and Solution:

Our input to habitat enhancement at the site has been extensive starting with the creation of multiple new ditch extensions to Springfield Burn Drain main watercourse with aquatic and marginal planting so to increase the availability of water vole habitat at the site.

We provided ongoing wetland management at the site with annual reed bed cutting, desilting and trash screen debris removal.

Our experienced habitats team prepared and created multiple wildflower meadow areas within public open space at the site to maximise biodiversity value. Starting with full spraying off of existing vegetation to halt non target species growth we then prepped the seed bed and sowed a specially mixed blend of wildflower seed appropriate to the coastal influence and geographic location of the site.

To ensure successful establishment of the meadows we executed a rigorous twice annual wildflower cutting and collection plan with selected hand pulling and treatment of any competing non target species.

We have installed pre planted coir rolls around the margins of the wildlife pond to enhance diversity of species present.


  • Over 50 native trees planted

  • 5 amphibian and reptile hibernacula created

  • 50 metres new ditch and wetland planting

  • 150 metres of new hedgerow

  • 14 acres of wildflower meadow created

  • Complimentary onsite ecological advice

  • Successful discharge of planning conditions

Hawley Gardens is a fantastic example of an Eco-Friendly sustainable development on a brownfield site.

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