Airport: Pollution Prevention MeasuresA Clean Start for Great Crested Newts

Project: Pollution Prevention Measures

Client: Leeds Bradford International Airport

Services: Amphibian Exclusion Fencing and Pitfall Trap Installation

Sector: Aviation

Location: Yorkshire, UK

Scheme Overview:

Leeds Bradford International Airport has in recent years invested in the region of £2m on pollution prevention and control measures including drainage systems, tanks and monitors. In 2012 the airport sought to construct a series of tanks and lagoons to capture surface water run-off and divert the contaminated water into the foul drainage system to prevent it entering the local watercourses. Great Crested Newts were discovered on the plot of land identified for the installation and development of the new surface water runoff infrastructure.

Scope of Works and Solution:

Contract Ecology was commissioned by Leeds Bradford International Airport having had our services recommended to them by their Ecological Consultants to install temporary amphibian fencing and capture apparatus to help prepare their site so that their ecologists could implement an EPS licenced mitigation scheme.

Our mitigation contractors worked alongside the hustle and bustle of England’s highest airport to ensure a quick installation.

A new pond with habitat piles and planting scheme was also created at the site to offer increased habitat for the species.


  • Ensured continuation of certification to the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems ISO14001

  • Ensured pollution control measures were current and consistent with Environment Agency discharge consents

  • Creation of new habitat features

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