Corporate membership to boost land management expertise

Contract Ecology is delighted to have recently become a corporate member of the Countryside Management Association (CMA), with several members of staff also signing up for individual membership to boost land management expertise.

Formed in 1966 the CMA is the largest organisation supporting the work of conservation, access and recreation professionals in the natural greenspace and countryside sector throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Amongst the aims of the CMA is the promotion of the value and importance of professionally managed natural greenspace and the countryside to the general public, the government and other organisations.

Much of Contract Ecology’s experience derives from undertaking conservation led habitat restoration, enhancement and creation projects including grassland and green space management, pond and wetland creation, woodland thinning, restocking and maintaining public access.  Many of the tasks are similar to that of a traditional countryside ranger, though in our case our stakeholders and clients originate predominately from the commercial and industrial sectors such as fellow ecologists, developers, landscape architects, housing associations, utility firms and local authorities.  We create and manage green space to benefit both biodiversity and the surrounding communities who enjoy it.

Another aim of the CMA which is pertinent to the work of our ecological consultants is the influencing of organisations involved in the management of natural greenspace and countryside by providing information and authoritative comment and Contract Ecology is looking forward to collaborative working with related professions to further sustainable developments in the UK.

Our team are looking forward to forging new opportunities for knowledge sharing with fellow countryside practitioners which we hope will not only be of benefit to our team and our clients but to our new CMA colleagues.  You can find out more about the CMA here:

If you have land which could benefit from being brought into long term management, we are able to offer significant expertise in preparing and implementing habitat management plans.  Land management can bring many rewards to an area including social and health benefits, community cohesion as well as enhancing biodiversity and the wider environment.  Give our consultants a call on 01772 731404 to see how we can help maximize the value of your non development land and save you money on annual maintenance costs.