Bat Survey in Scotland: Give our newest licence holder a call!

Need a bat Survey? We have increased our ecological consultancy coverage by being successfully awarded a licence to conduct bat surveys in Scotland.

Its not uncommon to be asked by your local planning department to provide with your planning application a bat assessment or bat survey of your property.

Bats are a hugely mobile species and will exploit opportunities to seek shelter in the cracks and crevices of built structures, trees and bridges for example.  They do not stay in the one place (or roost) all year round.  In fact they will use many different roosts throughout they year for a range of differing purposes.

Bats and your planning application: If bats are likely to be found at your development site, for instance in a building to be modified or demolished or in trees to be felled, then it is strongly recommended you have a bat survey undertaken. 

Typically bat surveys can no longer be included as a condition of planning approval so must be completed prior to granting planning permission.

Our senior bat consultant Ley who already holds a Natural England bat survey licence for all counties in England has recently been awarded a licence from Scottish Natural Heritage to conduct bat surveys in Scotland, extending her professional coverage.

Based in Preston, Lancashire our team are perfectly based to undertake bat surveys for developments throughout England and Scotland.

We offer a range of bat surveys including Scoping Surveys (sometimes referred as a  preliminary roost appraisal, a stage 1 bat survey or a daytime assessment), Bat Emergence Surveys (sometimes referred to as a phase 2 bat survey, nocturnal survey, or a dusk survey) and we also undertake bat EPS license applications for mitigation schemes were a bat roost is to be impacted upon.

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