Contract Ecology Create Wildlife Friendly Habitat at Ingol Golf Club Development

Contract Ecology gears up to create wildlife friendly features at Ingol Golf Club Development.

Contract Ecology Ltd are delighted to be commissioned to undertake habitat creation works at the much anticipated Ingol Golf Club development in Preston, Lancashire.

The development by Fellows Homes is located off Wychnor, Preston. It will feature three new wildlife friendly ponds and 5 hibernacula for great crested newts.

Contract Ecology Ltd have already completed the installation of specialist amphibian fencing at the site. This will aid the sites professional Ecologists to rehome newts, frogs and toads prior to full development commencing.

The protected amphibians will benefit from new and enhanced habitat provision at the site. With three new wildlife ponds due for creation by Contract Ecology’s experienced conservation team, in the winter months.

The site will also see five hibernacula created around the periphery of the ponds.  These specially created structures will offer amphibians, invertebrates and small mammals a secure frost free place of refuge over the winter months. And as a result will enhance the suitability of the retained natural space for future generations of wildlife in Ingol.

Great crested newts are one of three native newts in Great Britain. The species is protected by law from injury or killing.  Destruction or disturbance of their habitat is also an offence.

If great crested newts are likely to be impacted by a development, its is possible to minimise those impacts through careful mitigation.  In most cases this will involve moving the newts to a safe zone which allows the species to continue its life cycle uninterrupted.

Contract Ecology Ltd are specialists in prepping construction footprints for the safeguarding of great crested newts and all protected wildlife.  We work with Developers and Professional Ecological Consultants from all over Great Britain.

We hold membership of professional bodies such as the Countryside Management Association and the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).  Therefore ensuring we are at the forefront of environmental conservation practices for construction sites.

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