UK’s First Professional Training Course for Peregrine Survey and Mitigation

Contract Ecology Ecologists first in line for new professional standards course, increasing range of bird survey and bird mitigation options available to clients.

Contract Ecology staff were among a privileged selection of the country’s leading ecologists to partake in the UK’s first professional training course in peregrine falcon ecology, survey and mitigation.

The course was hosted by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and led by Dr. Stefan Bodnar of People for Peregrines. The setting for the morning tutorial was the picture perfect new RSPB Sandwell Reserve visitor centre in Sandwell Valley Country Park in West Bromwich, West Midlands.

According to the National Peregrine Survey conducted by British Trust for Ornithology in 2014 Peregrine falcon numbers have declined in some areas such as a 26% fall in the Isle of Man but on the whole populations have increased in the UK by 5% since 2002 with a recorded 1505 breeding pairs. The species is also on the move! Peregrines are now as likely to be encountered in an urban setting as they are in their more traditional habitat settings of quarries and rural churches.

The training included field visits to two occupied nest sites at two of Birmingham’s most recognisable landmarks; the impressive 26 storey high BT tower and Birmingham University’s Old Joe clock tower.

The latter providing a real treat for our Ecologists with the breeding pair showing off their parenting skills. The male bird (also known as a tiercel) returned to the nest from a successful hunting trip, the spoils of which were carefully shared out by the female to at least two fluffy white chicks, barely just visible bobbing up and down in the safety of the artificial nest box.

Our Ecologists also received training on practical approaches to providing mitigation solutions for peregrines.

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